TextBlade: The World’s Smallest Keyboard, Works With All Devices

TextBlade: The World’s Smallest Keyboard, Works With All Devices

I had the pleasure of using one of these the other day, and I have to say I was really impressed.

Take a look at how well this portable ergonomic keyboard folds up. It’s around the same length and thickness as an iPhone 6, obviously much less wide as you can see in the picture and YT embedded below it:

TextBlade Folded
TextBlade Folded

Here’s the demo of the keyboard in action:

After trying this myself, I wanted to recommend this to you guys. It’s much more comfortable than using the touchscreen on your tabby or smartphone and it’s well constructed too. When it’s folded, the entire unit really feels like you could stick it in your back pocket (as shown in the video) and sit on it without damaging anything. The individual pieces are magnetic and when unfolded, you can arrange and angle the keys in whichever ergonomic layout suits your preferences.

This recommendation is purely meant for your benefit, so I haven’t included any links to the product page. Just copy/paste www.waytools.com into your browser and check it out.

Not bad for a little over $100 after taxes and essential for any mobile mover and shaker who types loads of text every day.





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