The Complete Newbie Guide to Making an Epic Project Promo Video

The Complete Newbie Guide to Making an Epic Project Promo Video

Creating a video for promoting your business, service or project is a headache to many. The expertise, budget and confidence needed are hindering entrepreneurs in doing it. But Kickstarter, that awesome crowdfunding platform, says that if you want to make an epic video promoting your thing, the only way to go is: Just do it.

And they have the portfolio to show: It’s simple, really – just randomly visit several of Kickstarter crowdfunding projects, and you’ll learn how to do project videos.

Hosting thousands of promo videos (in fact, 80 percent of Kickstarter projects have promo videos,) Kickstarter surely knows the how-to. Here’s their advice:

Awkward, hilarious, and silly – the guys at Kickstarter show you how to get things done.

To recap, here are the tips from the video on how to create a great project video:

  1. Just do it – it’s not that hard
  2. Use what you have – a smartphone works; no fancy gadget needed
  3. Add a personal touch and do your thing: Just say what you want to do
  4. Do things crazy and ridiculous!

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