Clear Proof That Email Still Surpasses Social for Online Marketing

Clear Proof That Email Still Surpasses Social for Online Marketing

Still think email marketing made its last sale years ago?


Some may speculate that social is still in its infancy and that’s why email still converts better. I think this is an overly hopeful outlook though: social is mainly about friends, celebrities, Likes, Favorites, Retweets and Repins.

It’s also great from a branding standpoint as well if you’re a marketer. However, social media is limited to just that: branding. To make the sales, you have to ask for it, to a targeted “list” audience who views you as a trustworthy authority.

Social is also a great way to funnel people into your email list, but if you ask them for a sale via Tweets and Facebook posts, you’re going to strike out most times — most times.

Social helps to build trust with your audience, email will close the sale once you’ve put in the hard work and got their emails.

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Main Image: “Email-Marketing” by Yoel Ben-Avraham



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