Can the “HoloLens” Make Microsoft Cool Again?

Can the “HoloLens” Make Microsoft Cool Again?

Following are two videos related to the newest wearable tech release from (prepare to be shocked) Microsoft! A face-mask/computer that projects a holographic, virtual-reality image in front of the user:

This video may also interest those of you who’re interested in the future of Microsoft’s marketshare in comparison to the other heavyweights out there like Google. Basically a few Bloomberg tech and investment consultants/strategists talking about the state of the software giant’s current hardware like the ridiculously over-priced Surface and the company’s plans for future Office software releases.

If you ask me, I don’t think this will take off. The HoloLens looks cool, but if Microsoft’s past over-pricing strategies end up on this product, it’s going to have a hard time competing with the Glass and many other similar Optical Head Mounted Displays.

Share your thoughts/opinions. Are they going to be cool again, or slowly but surely drift off into the history books?





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