B2B is Easy: How to Make $1,000 Taking ONE Simple Step

B2B is Easy: How to Make $1,000 Taking ONE Simple Step

This is epic: Want to learn how a proper B2B is done in (almost) real time? My man Gary Vaynerchuk will show you how, hands-on.

Meet Jackie Pearce. She’s a copywriter, and in essence, she want to grow her business, serve more and make more money in the process.

By fate or luck, she had this fantastic Spreecast with Gary Vaynerchuk.

If you haven’t heard about Gary, here’s to recap: He’s a billionaire. He invests in startups like Uber. He grows his family wine business from a low seven digit to an eight digit of revenue annually. He employs hundreds of employees in a company he’s co-founded, Vaynermedia, generating an eight digit revenue, annually.

He’s a hustler, and he knows how to do business – hands-on – from investing as a VC, down to knocking customers’ door one by one to sell wines.

And my man advised her, telling Jackie ONE secret on how to get more money for her business, and told her to come back 2 hours later to share her experience. The outcome is epic:

Epic, indeed!

Situation: Jackie wants more business
Solution: Gary says for her to call 7-8 out of 15 clients she has, and ask them how she can do to help their business.
Work: Contacted 5 (called 3 and emailed 2, ended up emailing all 5)
Result: Signed a $1,000 contract PLUS a new client
Follow through: Gary asked her to call ALL 15 clients and aim for the stars.

Quotable quote from Gary Vaynerchuk: B2B is easy. Period.

Here’s a takeaway:

Want more business? Forget social media and whatnot, and go back to basic.

Build relationship. Call your existing clients.. Don’t email them. Call. Seriously, just call. And ask what you can do to help them to grow their business. And mean every word you say.

Effort matters. Hustle, and even doing the basics can get you $1,000 and more. No rocket science, just good, old relationship building.

Point well taken, Gary!

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