New Smartphones Will Charge in Less Than 2 Minutes (Demo Inside)

New Smartphones Will Charge in Less Than 2 Minutes (Demo Inside)


If you haven’t heard of the Isreali startup, StoreDot yet, you’re going to be really stoked after watching this smartphone charging demonstration (shown in real time):

The technology has really came a long way in just under a year. Around 10 months ago, they demo’d a much larger version of this technology, which took a dead battery from 0% to fully charged in 30 seconds!

Just a couple of months ago, the investment world showed just how much they believe in this technology with a whopping $42 million cash infusion for R&D.

The bad news?

Well, first we’ll have to wait til the second half of next year (2016) before the battery is ready for consumer use, presumably to further test the technology for safety and long term performance.

Second, the batteries can’t (currently) be retrofitted into existing phones, due to their design. But this isn’t necessarily a negative right? I mean, we all turn our phones out faster than a pair of shoes these days anyway.

Really interesting that they’re going to be putting these in electric cars someday too.






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