Liam Neeson Has Taken Over LinkedIn!

Liam Neeson Has Taken Over LinkedIn!

Hollywood appears to have finally taken notice of LinkedIn.

“Taken” star, Liam Neeson recently offered his deep tones up for a contest among LinkedIn members. The winner, to be announced soon, will be getting free promotion of their profile via a video featuring Neeson extolling their skills.

Note: the contest end date was on December 29th of 2014. The winner has yet to be announced, but I’ll do my best to add a copy of the finished endorsement video when it’s finally released on YT.

Just imagine how cool it would be to have the Irish actor endorse your profile with his famous sultry baritone voice.

Sure, there will undoubtedly be a few members who come across the winner’s celebrity-endorsed profile who’ll know they simply won a contest. However, many, especially those who don’t use LinkedIn will just see superstar Neeson talking about how great you are!

Strange thing: LinkedIn allows fake profiles, as seen here with Bryan Mills — Neeson’s character name in the Taken movie franchise. Kind of goes against the highly professional image they’re trying to market themselves with, don’t you think?

The contest entry page encouraged people who weren’t a member yet to create a profile too. Hmmm… Seems like a win win for LinkedIn, 21th Century Fox, and everyone associated with the recent Taken film.

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