New P2P Service Allows Unlimited File Transfers at Lightning Fast Speeds — For Free!

New P2P Service Allows Unlimited File Transfers at Lightning Fast Speeds — For Free!

This is an interview by insane government cash-hacker Mathew Lesko, of Baptiste Fradin, one of the co-creators of Infinit. After watching this, you’ll think twice before renewing your yearly “server-based” subscription to Dropbox.

Infinit promises totally unlimited use of their P2P cloud-transfer services when they’re up and running. This service looks really promising, as it promises lightning-fast speeds, which is often the major limitation for transferring large files like videos and large web design packages for clients.

Not only is the concept of completely free, unlimited cloud-based file transfers exciting from a monetary standpoint, it’s really awesome for those of us who’re afraid of security with Dropbox and other premium storage and file transfer providers.

While I’m not techy enough to fully understand the encryption technology, they sure make it sound pretty secure:

We use the recipient’s public key of an asymmetric key pair to encrypt a symmetric session key generated on the sender’s device. That is then sent to the recipient who decrypts the session key with her private key. Once the session key is decrypted on the recipient’s side, the data is encrypted with the session key on the sender’s device and sent to the recipient who then decrypts the data with that same session key.

One has to assume that some of the recently jilted celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence will consider sending racy photos and videos to their significant others using Infinite, as they hammer out versions for all three major platforms.

The best thing about this technology, beyond the security is the speed. Obviously, with no servers in the way, speed is only limited by the Internet connection of those who’re sharing and receiving.

Currently they have a stable version released for OSX 10.7 and up, with a beta available for Windows users. Being a Linux guy, I can’t wait for them to get that version out too! As Lesko said, these guys are going to soon be the Microsoft of file transfers.

And I bet you all though P2P was dead!


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