5 Productivity Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

5 Productivity Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Here are 5 great productivity apps that every entrepreneur or person in business should consider downloading to their smartphone or tablet:



Take notes, snap photos, make to-do lists for the day/week/month, make voice reminders. Once you’re done, all information is searchable so you don’t lose it.


TripIt is a secretary for entrepreneurs who can’t actually afford a secretary! Plug in your travel plans, meetings and other scheduling data, email it to the TripIt crew and they’ll send you back a professional and easy-to-read master itinerary.

Uber Conference:

I honestly can’t comment on whether this is a better app than Skype in terms of conference call quality. However, it’s a new app and even though the folks at Entrepreneur.com are recommending it, I’d actually recommend waiting until this app has a few hundred thousand more downloads before committing to it. It’s free to try a couple of free calls though, so give it a shot if you’re curious.

Scanner Pro:

Scan it, the fax, email, attach to a text, etc. Evernote has a built in scanning app too though, so keep that in mind. It isn’t likely that you’ll need both, but Evernote is a little heavy for some people’s purposes to. Sometimes all you want is the scanner.


Every entrepreneur understands of the value of mobile cloud storage.



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