13 Tips That’ll Lead to Your Dream Job in 36 Hours or Less

13 Tips That’ll Lead to Your Dream Job in 36 Hours or Less

These might be the 12 most valuable job-finding tips you’ve ever heard.

Watch this video, then use the information it contains to get your dream job.

1. Do not accept unemployment:

It’s a pittance and you’ll do nothing but struggle financially and you’re just putting off the inevitable anyway.

2. Treat finding a job like it’s your current job:

You wouldn’t slack off if the boss was watching, why treat finding your next job so casually, like no effort’s required?

3. Take any job that’s offered, regardless of whether it’s beneath you:

This might seem counter-intuitive to finding a dream job, but as Grant explained, it’s about getting into the workforce so you can connect with people who can help you get where you want to go, rather than sitting at home collecting dust and eventually becoming unemployable because you let your pride get in the way.

4. Ignore people who say “no one is hiring”:

Naysayers will drag you down to their level. People ARE hiring — everywhere!

5. Don’t rely on a resume:

Companies hire people, not resumes. Sell yourself by talking to the recruiter, tell them and show them what you can do. Too many people sit in an interview and just answer questions matter-of-factly and figure a piece of paper is enough.

6. Avoiding depending on head-hunters and other job-finding resources:

Use whatever resources that are available to you. Don’t rely on them; depend on yourself and sell yourself in any way/situation possible.

7. Find a way past the screeners in the company:

Find your way to the boss. They don’t need anybody’s approval to hire you. This is truly one of the best ways to get a dream job.

8. Don’t rely on social networks to find a job:

Grant’s diatribe about making stupid comments on Facebook, etc., asking for information about a job was funny. How many people rely way too much on lazy methods like social postings.

9. Interview Tip: Show how you’re going to make a difference:

Find out as much as you can about the company ahead of time, then tell them what you’re going to do for them, not what you did at the last company. This is super-important if the job you’re going for is results-oriented like sales, marketing, recruiting, etc.

10. Present yourself as a valuable, extraordinary product:

Make yourself unforgettable. Treat the interview like it’s life or death and oversell yourself.

11. Revenue:

We all know this. Companies can only thrive if they’re making money. Make yourself look like a money-printing machine. Not just someone with the same XYZ skills all the other applicants likely have.

12. Don’t talk negatively about past jobs:

Nobody wants to hire a Negative Nancy — Question: “Tell me about the worst employer you’ve ever had.” Answer: “I’ve never had a bad employer.” — etc. Be the billboard of positivity.

13: Make a short list:

Choose 3 – 5 companies you desperately want to work for and find a way to get yourself in front of a decision maker.

Bonus Tip: Instant action is required:

It won’t be easy and it will require you to take action in order to get results. There are no quick-fixes when it comes to success. Get out there and good luck!










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