Are You a Mobile Dependent Business Traveler?

Are You a Mobile Dependent Business Traveler?

Some of the following facts were gleaned back in 2012 about mobile technology use and the addictive dependence that business travelers have developed just over a decade into the digital era. One can only imagine that dependence has only grown in the two years since.

If you feel like you’re a mobile dependent, this infographic will help you determine whether your tech-related habits while on the road are healthy or indicative of a serious problem!

Mobile Dependant Business Travelers

It’s plain to see some trends that we can all identify with here:

  • Spend an average of 16 hours in range of WiFi every day — check!
  • Logged into Facebook before getting out of bed — check.
  • Looked at smartphone over 30 times per day — check.
  • Multitasked better because of technology — check.
  • Used phone while on the toilet — check! (It’s gross, but you’ve done it too, haven’t you?)

One thing I found most interesting was the fact that mobile workers claimed to get more sleep due to technology. I believe this comes down more to discipline rather than time-saving due to mobile tech. Sometimes you just have to turn your devices off and go to bed, am I right?

I’ll update this post when I come across current 2014 stats.














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