Turn Any Smartphone Into a Security Cam

Turn Any Smartphone Into a Security Cam

Since everyone liked the turn an Android tablet into a smartphone post, I thought I’d post up this video tutorial about turning your current or no-longer-used smartphone into a security camera.

This works with any smartphone, though the video details instructions for Droids:

Pretty straightforward, right?

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself “that’s just another stupid app”, let’s consider some of the real-world applications:

  • Sick of the boss or some rangy co-worker sneaking up on you while you’re face is stuck in the computer? Point your cell toward your blindspot, leave a shrunken window with the webcam server open, then turn the tables on them the next time they try to surprise you!
  • Are you a boss and you’d like to keep an eye on your employees working outside your office? Nothing weird about having a smartphone plugged in, slanted up on its side against a wall or in a stand with a charging cord connected to it, is there?
  • How about for mommies and daddies who want to give their toddler (and themselves) a little big boy/big girl freedom in another room, but want to be able to check in on them periodically? Doesn’t get much easier than simply leaving your phone against the wall or on top of the television, facing the couch or play area.

Obviously, you can use this anywhere in your home or business to monitor for intruders of any kind.

Sadly, the recommended IP Cam app isn’t free in the iTunes Store, but $1.99 isn’t a bad hit (leave a comment if you know another cam app that’s free and worth the download.)

Same with Blackberry, but with a $2.99 price tag, but this one looks promising for a free app.

If you’re running a Window’s phone (and why, may I ask would you be?), the app’s available for a buck here.




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