Learn How Electronic Recyclers International is Making Used Technology New Again

Learn How Electronic Recyclers International is Making Used Technology New Again

Electronic recycling is very important! If you toss that old tablet, computer, smartphone, television, stereo, etc., into a garbage dumpster, you’re robbing future generations of non-renewable resources.

Businesses who frequently swap old technology for new have even more of an “e-recycling” responsibility to future generations.

This video details the start-to-finish process that your electronics go through once you toss them in an approved electronics recovery bin, including the steps they take to make sure your data’s destroyed to prevent prying eyes from using it against you.

The impending implications of not recycling our electronics are far-reaching, often misunderstood or ignored by people who just don’t care about recycling, period.

Sure, you might be driving up copper and silver prices (both of which are in all electronics) but eventually the well will run dry. Then someone’s going to have to pay someone else to dig through the trash at the dump, scrounging for recyclable materials to make electronics with, making the iPhone 25 (gasp)  something only rich folks can afford.

We all need to live in the moment to lead happy, fulfilling lives. However, try to think about the future, perhaps a future you’re not a part of, when it comes time to toss your next old lappy in the trash, or to take it to one of several free drop off bins provided by the electronic recyclers in your area. Nearly everything gets re-purposed folks.

The buck has to stop somewhere, right?

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