All Millennials Are Capitalists; Regardless of Who They Work For…

All Millennials Are Capitalists; Regardless of Who They Work For…

Have you ever employed millennials in your business and been frustrated by the fact that they don’t seem to think and work like a traditional “employee”? That they seem to act like they’re the very core of the business and not really an employee at all?

If so, you might just find Julie Meyer’s take on this emerging workplace mentality may just change your entire outlook on how and why millennials act like they do, and how allowing them to add a capitalist approach to their work ethic can actually benefit a business more than hurt it.

What do you think about Julie’s take on people in their 20’s taking more ownership toward their jobs, surroundings and personal lives?

Allowing employees to feel like they have a value beyond simple task completion is a great way to keep them from migrating from an employee to an entrepreneur possibly?

Some of what she was saying might seem a little out there, however, the idea that a powershift is occurring was a statement I found most interesting. To imagine that the government is losing influence and the people are “taking the power back” is something to sleep on tonight for sure.

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments. Let’s get a dialogue going.





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