The Language of the Poor: How Constantly Saying “What if” Leads to an Unfulfilling Life

The Language of the Poor: How Constantly Saying “What if” Leads to an Unfulfilling Life

There are few circumstances which relate to life-changing decisions, where saying “what if” all the time takes us to a better place. What if’s are a cornerstone quite often used in the language of the poor.

Risk aversion is definitely a double-edged sword. Unfortunately, most people over-use this ability, leading them down the road of less fulfillment, rather than the road less traveled that leads to maximum achievement and  riches (ie., love, money, comfort, toys, freedom).

This Jim Rohn speech puts everything into context, with a very humorous delivery, telling us how risk aversion really just steers us away from riches.

How many of you found value in this 20+ year old speech?

I love these lines:

  • “I’ll tell you how risky life is: you’re not gonna get out alive.”
  • “Better to live 30 years full of adventure than 100 years in the corner.”

What if’s are the favorite sentence starter of the eternal pessimist. I also find that people who start sentences with the word “but” also tend to be pessimistic, when the word follows a suggestion made toward improving oneself, or doing something a better way.

So true the happiness that such folks feel when they find faults, or witness another’s suffering…

If this is you, it’s not too late to change. My fork in the road came in the form of autoimmune thyroid disease. Never been the same (in a good way) since I used the power of positive thinking to gain back control of my mind and body again, when all seemed lost and death seemed the only way out.

the favorite sentence starter of the eternal pessimist, andPlease share this post with the pessimists in your life. Maybe it’ll help them out.



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