Negative Downward Spirals & Positive Upward Momentum: Neither Are a Result of Luck or Circumstances!

Negative Downward Spirals & Positive Upward Momentum: Neither Are a Result of Luck or Circumstances!

Both negative and positive occurrences in life so often get blamed on outright luck or external (environmental) circumstances.

Thinking in this manner will always keep you from halting negativity in its tracks, or creating positivity — it’s not your fault after all, right?

People expert and world traveling entrepreneur, Jimmy Naraine, discusses how easy it is to get in your own way and how to break out of negative downward spirals before they become too destructive.

“How you start your day is how you end your day.”

How many of us have started the day off with syrupy pancakes or some other sugary treat, then noticed that eating that  junk early sort of gave us a mental license to eat whatever the heck we want for the rest of the day. After all, there’s no sense putting in a healthful effort now, might as well start the day off better tomorrow, right?

I don’t know who it is that first said it, but a great quote I have posted right behind my PC is “Tomorrow is the day that never comes.”

Where am I going with this? How does it relate to the video — negativity and positivism?

Quite often, downward spirals start off innocently enough. We think we can shift our focus tomorrow, and slough off the rest of the day;  feeling sorry for ourselves, angry with someone (or several people), bitter at how life has thrown a wrench into the path of immeasurable excellence we were once on.

Yet, much as a spiral works in this context, we just get closer and closer to that negative way of looking at things, and further and further away from what we ultimately want for ourselves.

  • The way you start the day has a huge impact on what mindset you carry with you throughout that day. Whether what you eat — or HOW YOU THINK!
  • When you start thinking negative thoughts and don’t put a stop to them right away, they start breeding like a colony of streptococcus bacteria trapped deep in your sinuses!
  • Setting positive goals and reinforcing them with a positive mindset, then taking immediate and continuous action on said goals, is a great way to keep negativity at bay.

Positivism and negativity are opposing forces. Choose a side and stay on it!




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