Can US Small Businesses Shield This Country From Another Depression?

Can US Small Businesses Shield This Country From Another Depression?

I’ll admit to being a bit behind the curve as an SMB statistician. These numbers aren’t just shocking, but also inspire a little hope that our increasingly independent-minded economy might save more people from suffering at the hands of the next national recession.

US Small Business Stats 2014

Why are these numbers so promising?

Well, some would say it all depends if you fall on the “structural” or the “cyclical” side of the unemployment argument, circa 2014: Five years after recession, we still can’t agree on what causes joblessness

The fact is, you can’t rely on a government to find you a job or support you. If you’re a worker bee type, that’s okay, the world needs people willing to wake up and work a set number of hours to keep the cogs of a business turning.

However, after reading the numbers on the infograph, perhaps employees should shift their job finding criteria more toward finding employment outside of what’s left of corporate America, no?

We have to support the foundation of the job market, which if you believe just a few of the stats listed in the infograph from a few months ago, small businesses most certainly are.

Worthy of note:

  • Over 50% of Americans are employed by SMB’s
  • 54% of all US sales are from SMB’s

I found this one most shocking:

  • SMB’s account for 66% of all new jobs created since the 1970’s!

When you consider the mega-billions that big corporations have to throw around, it’s pretty amazing that small businesses make up such a huge percentage of our economic situation in this country.

Can they save us from the next great depression?

We have to support the SMB sector more by: creating more of them, giving them our business, and by offering our talents (as skilled or non-skilled workers) to SMB’s instead of jumping into bed with the first corporation that offers us a juicy 401k!

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