Apple Pay Changes Everything: Are you adopting it?

Apple Pay Changes Everything: Are you adopting it?

Apple has just released iOS 8.1 and with the update, they make history by launching Apple Pay (finally!) – something that will change the way to make payments for the stuff you buy. In fact, it will change everything.

Firstly, obviously, it changes the way you normally pay for things – no cash changing hands, no card swipes, no entering pins.

Secondly, it’s as secure as your card – if not more secure: Instead of bringing cards in your wallet, you can just put everything in your iPhone and go cashless – and card-less.

Thirdly, it gives more power to your iPhone, making it an all-in-one device that can do anything – including making payments. No add-on required; just get the app.

Watch this hands-on experience paying with Apple Pay:

By all means, it’s not the world’s first. Google has done it, as well as some other companies. But this is the first on an Apple device, and with huge number of Apple device owners, the potential is huge, and businesses will respond to it. Banks too (500 new banks are supporting Apple Pay by early 2015.)

All makes things way much more accessible to consumers than those who use other mobile payment platforms. It’s not without problems, though, so you may want to be careful in using Apple Pay – things will be better in the future, I believe.

So, what do you think of Apple Pay? Will you use it? Why? Please share your thoughts, guys!

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