Top 15 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid During a First Meeting

Top 15 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid During a First Meeting

Whether it’s a job interview, meeting a new (potential) client, pitching an investor, or any other scenario where you want to build trust with the other party, these tips are must-know information for anyone who works in business or customer relations.

How many of the 15 body language mistakes shown in the video have you made before, or still find yourself making subconsciously to this day?

Where to start…

Personally, I used to have a problem with #6: Crossing Arms, until I reverted to #1: Leaning Back in an effort to seem more calm and relaxed. Guess I got that one wrong. But seriously, when did it become a faux-pas to lean forward? Man, you can’t sit up too straight without looking rigid, and you can’t stare (#10) without looking aggressive!

Hey, if you’re a #4: Nodding Too Much — get it together already! Nobody likes an incessant nodder. You might as well start cracking off like someone who has Turret’s (no offense) than you would nodding when there’s no reason to. I used to work for a guy who really had your number. If someone kept nodding, as he put it, like a “X%4$ing IDIOT”, he’d talk extra fast to make them nod faster, and would constantly request specific feedback on what he was saying, in order to trip them up and expose their fake attempts to seem interested and engaged in what he was saying. He wasn’t a fun man to be around in general.

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