How to More Effectively Negotiate Salary After a Job Offer is Made

How to More Effectively Negotiate Salary After a Job Offer is Made

Ramit Sethi, the author of “I Will Teach You to be Rich”, runs us through a salary negotiation scenario in this video:

Some great takeaways:

  • Be excited about the opportunity, despite the fact that you’re unhappy with, or even offended at their offer. This assures the recruiter you’re truly interested in the job.

So many people would change their tone, even scoff, when made an offer that falls far below the standards they’ve set for themselves.

  • Using open-ended language like “wouldn’t it make sense to” and “would it be appropriate to,” instead of flat-out “no,” “can’t,” “won’t,” etc.

Yet another thing so many of us are guilty of, especially when we’re offended or otherwise feel defensive. I love how master of negotiation, Justin, used open-ended language to control the flow of the negotiation and steer the interviewer away from what the company wants to pay, toward his ideal salary.

  • I want to be here, and this is what I’m worth.

This should be a personal mantra, as much as a phrase that you should use repeatedly throughout the negotiations.

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