Man Clinically Treated for “Google Glass Addiction Syndrome”

Man Clinically Treated for “Google Glass Addiction Syndrome”

I guess this shouldn’t come as a shock really. How many people do you know, yourself included, who’re addicted to a smartphone or tablet — Facebook or Twitter — etc, etc.?

The guy discussed in this video really was treated for Google Glass Addiction — no hype!

I’ll link to a CNN article after the video, so you guys can get the full lowdown on this breaking story.

Check this story out and then please, do some meditation about the technology in your life and how you’d fare if it was taken away from you suddenly.

So this guy was using his smart glasses for 18 hours a day?

The imagery, when the reporter was describing the physical withdrawal symptoms the man experienced, was really hilarious to imagine.

Again, we’ve all done similar things, right?

Check out the CNN article on this story.

How many of you use Google Glass or a similar smartglass product for business or personal purposes? Can you see yourself falling prey to the same affliction one day?





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