Acer is Taking Technology and Education to the Next Level in South Africa

Acer is Taking Technology and Education to the Next Level in South Africa

Acer is really going above and beyond with their service and education agenda at Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa.

Check out the unheard of service levels they offer this place:

First, I have to apologize if you’re an Acer customer that’s experienced the all-to-typical 21st Century customer service that most technology users have come to expect: ie., waiting on the phone for an hour, language barriers, uneducated support workers, etc. I know this is a real kick in the butt if your Acer stopped working, under warranty or otherwise, and the company wouldn’t do anything to help you.

However, this is as much a clever branding move as it is a clear leap forward in potential future service levels. Obviously, potential Acer users are going to be warmed by the company’s generosity and commitment to helping improve education in a country that’s still slowly trying to come out of its shell after the apartheid days of the 90’s, and rid itself of the still high unemployment, poverty, and crime that exists in the country.

Please share your thoughts in the comments. Specifically, I’d love to hear some viewpoints on what you guys think about Acer’s real angle is with this endeavor: Is it purely for International branding purposes do they want to get a foothold in a country that offers cheap manufacturing labor and a vastly expanding economy (ie., a growing tech-savvy middle class that’s hungry to own the latest and greatest technology the world has to offer)?





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