Top Tips and Advice: Setting up a Steel Pressing Business

Top Tips and Advice: Setting up a Steel Pressing Business

If you’re about to venture into the steel-pressing industry, you’ve made the right choice! As an ever-expanding society we will always have a need for metal produce, and a huge range of potential clients from manufacture to construction are just waiting for you to provide top-quality goods for them.

Like all business operations though, to be a success you need to make sure you have first and foremost got all the relevant business and commerce licences, qualifications and insurances. Along with this are some more specific and modern approaches you can take, that will help make your business hit the ground running.

Research the ‘Niche’ Markets

Depending on how you look at it, you could either be in a strong business position or a limited one, because steel pressing – although important – is quite a niche market and can either be something your local area is missing or already has.

To get the advantage you need to research:

  • What the current Steel Pressing industry is like in the area you intend to sell to.
  • What deals, contracts and production rates they are currently offering consumers.
  • What your goals are in terms of your annual produce and profits in comparison to others.

The worst case scenario is that you feel that the competition is too high for this area, but don’t give up, you may have to simply find a less-competitive base of operations.

Getting the Right Equipment

Once you’ve settled on your location, you need to source the right equipment for the job. There are quite a number of variables that can determine this, such as: what your operations are, how large and your staff numbers.

On a general level though, there are some consistent aspects to think about:

  • Whether you’re using Press Brakes, Punch Presses or Stamping Presses, you need to source reliable machinery that won’t let you down. A professional retailer like Clarence Jones Machinery can provide a range of such machines and it’s important you don’t buy dirt-cheap and second-rate goods, as you’ll find yourself spending more on repairs and replacements in the long run.
  • How flexible you want your business to be in terms of current and future production as the more varied your pressing capabilities, the more impressive you will appear to customers.

Here are some product ideas made from pressed steel:

Establishing Your Brand

In the time you may be waiting to physically begin operations, there are things you can be doing to be getting your brand name out there.

Set up some social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter for example, as these can tell people a little bit of key information about your company and what you intend to provide. Not only is this in touch with the modern markets but it is also a cheap and easy way to make a name for yourself.

By following this advice you could soon find yourself leading the way in the steel pressing markets, with your fully kitted out and professional business just waiting to sell to pre-emptively impressed prospective customers.

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