“Negativity Toxicity” is Ruining Your Life and the Lives of Those Who Spread it!

“Negativity Toxicity” is Ruining Your Life and the Lives of Those Who Spread it!

“If you lay with dogs, you’ll wake up with flees.”

Negativity is a cancer that destroys us all.

Do you know, or are you yourself, the type of person who wears negativity like an “old coat”?

This video about understanding and dealing with the negative “Nancy’s” and “Ned’s” in your life, and also applies to people looking to improve their own outlook.

So Paul McGee has a more human approach to dealing with negativity — actually helping them!

By helping negative folks, you may well become a better human being.

Identify their reasons.

Are they:

  1. Miserable by nature?
  2. Lack of confidence?
  3. Sense of injustice?

I think very few people are miserable by nature. Most fall into # 2 and #3, don’t they? If we’re really honest and not just trying to write them off and move on, most people probably have a combination of the two. Even someone who becomes miserable by nature probably had their confidence smashed somewhere along the line, and/or someone did them wrong.

Boy, I’ve met some doosies. I’m sure you have too. Mostly, up until now, I just do my best to avoid them — and most definitely have learned to resent their behavior; particularly those in my life that I can’t just shut out, such as family members.

So, try to listen to what they have to say. Then challenge their feelings of inadequacy or injustice. Make them think about it in a different way.

Sadly, I think the older a person gets, the more excuses they’ll have to thwart your attempts — old habits die hard.

If you’re in fact that negative person, you can still use these tools by constantly challenging yourself in a personal dialogue. Instead of dwelling on, and embracing your negative thoughts, constantly challenge them until you don’t have any more excuses to continue steeping in “negativity tea.”

Negativity is a cancer that destroys you and everyone around you.



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