Do you Have a Full-time Job? If so, you are Not a Real Entrepreneur

Do you Have a Full-time Job? If so, you are Not a Real Entrepreneur

Do you have a full-time job, and starting a business in between your work hours, including the weekends? Then you are not an entrepreneur, according to Gary Vaynerchuk, the entrepreneur, investor, author and social media superstar.

In this video, Gary Vaynerchuk explains that you might not be a real entrepreneur when you working for a boss. Gary Vee carries on explaining things with this epic statement: You may have entrepreneurial tendencies, or aspirational about being an entrepreneur, but when you are a (real) entrepreneur, you can’t breathe having a job.

Bullseye. Spot on. Couldn’t say it better.

You see, it’s a common thing today to have a job, while dwelling in the entrepreneurial realm on the weekend. While this strategy works for many of us, it has one, major drawback: Your venture doesn’t get your focus and priority.

And we all know that a business venture that doesn’t receive much love will have a growth problem.

If you are young – say 18 – and you have been thinking a lot about starting a business, I’d say that you should take the risk by going all-out. You have less risk: You don’t have a family to support just yet; you have years ahead of you for trial-and-errors; you are still in the early stage in your career.

As Gary Vee mentioned, he doesn’t believe there are (real) entrepreneurs under 30 who have a job. I don’t believe it, either.

In my opinion, jobs kill my creativity and because of what I have experienced working for a boss, I knew that I’m an entrepreneur, all the way.

So, how about you? Are you an entrepreneur or someone who has entrepreneurial tendencies?

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4 thoughts on “Do you Have a Full-time Job? If so, you are Not a Real Entrepreneur

  • This is an interesting conversation. I didn’t know that people were confused about this. But I guess there are a lot of people who are fooling themselves. Personally, I have a fantastic job and I’m in a good place. If I felt that I couldn’t breath I would be miserable. I’ve been in relationships like that but thank goodness I got out!

    Thanks for sharing the video Ivan. I will start paying more attention to this from now on.

    • Ivan Widjaya Author · Edit

      Hi Ileane,

      Good to see you here! Indeed, if you love your job, that’s excellent. But if you want to be an entrepreneur, go all out; that’s the message here 🙂

  • I am an entrepreneur! And I LOVED this #askgaryvee episode! I was just talking to my business partner about this very topic right before I watched the episode and I loved his advice. It’s true – if you don’t have any kids or other responsibilities similar, go all out! Do what you want while you can. Make something happen. Change the game 😉

    • Ivan Widjaya Author · Edit


      Spot on! It’s an opportunity that, if missed, you will regret it 🙂 I’m lucky to have my fair share of failures before I have kids. Let’s just say that, today, I’m comfortable being an entrepreneur doing my thing 😉


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