Inner-Awesomeness Needs to Be Cultivated to Avoid Living Life in a “Hamster Wheel”

Inner-Awesomeness Needs to Be Cultivated to Avoid Living Life in a “Hamster Wheel”

Eugene was on the fast-track to success straight out of college — the suit, the $60K a year job, lots of vacation time, friends, business contacts, etc.

But he didn’t like the title, or rather the corporate-branding-number the company gave him.

For “eh976a” entrepreneurship was the only direction the reborn, revitalized Hennie could go.

I love the quote “Your the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.”

So true, isn’t it? I remember Tim Ferriss whenever I hear it, as he was the first I ever heard utter the phrase.

How can we get what we want in life if we surround ourselves with negativity and people who’re accepting of complacency, crime, violence — or anything else that doesn’t put us in line with the prize we want?

Yet the milieu that surrounds us is one of the biggest hurdles that so many will have to overcome. It shapes our daily mindset, the people we inevitably accept into our lives, and the standards we set for our goals and sense of morality.

How often do you hear someone say they “have to get away from the streets”? It’s the foundation of nearly every rap song ever written. On that same note, country singers always sing about how they have to get away from the farm, the bar fights, and the men/women who’re bad for them. These successful people sing about this stuff because it touches our very heart and soul, and perhaps they’re trying to pay it forward and help other people find a way out of the wheel.

Even if you’ve spent your life in the lap of luxury, it doesn’t mean that your surroundings are condusive to the outcome you want in life. Certainly doesn’t make you “awesome”.

So his thinking on finding passion and inner-awesomeness:

It’s always been there, it’s just been pushed far away for most of us. Maybe by the 5 or more people that you spend most of your time with, but really shouldn’t?

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