How Accepting Card Payments can Benefit your Business

How Accepting Card Payments can Benefit your Business

Whether you are just starting up your business or if you are an established company, there’s one sure fire way to give yourself the edge over your competitors – accepting card payments, either online, in-store or contactless.

By installing this system you will quickly begin to see your productivity, profits and also your publicity rise as more customers make the most of the benefits this service offers. So what are the advantages you will gain from accepting card payments with your business?

Ease and Accessibility

Firstly, there’s no escaping the fact that this method is far faster and more efficient than cash payments. There will probably have been a time in your working life when you’ve either seen or been involved in a time when you’ve had to wait for a customer to laboriously count out the exact change or lost a sale because somebody didn’t have the right amount of money. Both of these situations are frustrating and opportunities missed for more sales, plus the fact the customer who was unable to buy probably left unimpressed by the level of service on offer.

You could have a standard chip and pin device and/or branch out into using contactless payment the machines like the ones available to you at Card Cutters. Whichever choice you make, both will in the long run improve your sales.

Contactless payment benefits infographic
Via Mastercard

More Sales means More Profit

It doesn’t take a Master’s in Marketing to know that by increasing your sales you will improve your profit margins; by being able to accommodate more people quicker, you will also save on time that you can invest in other ventures.

Should you operate these systems in-store it also will give you the advantage of more impulse buying; often customers who are just browsing will be more likely to purchase something if they have the flexibility of being able to pay by card.

Further to this, if operating online by accepting card payments on the internet you are opening up to a wider, more versatile market and – to hit a point home – far more sales.

A Positive Market

Another notable benefit is that by offering such a quick and easy service you will give your customers the right impression; as alluded to earlier, they won’t find themselves frustrated and unimpressed by the lack of card payments, they are likely to recognise your business is up-to-date with the current markets and may recommend you to others.

Contactless payment reasons in infographic
via VISA

So, if you’ve yet to make the step-up to card payments don’t waste another minute and act now to get your business quickly into the black.

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2 thoughts on “How Accepting Card Payments can Benefit your Business

  • Great reasons to use credit cards! I have started using SwipeCard about a year ago, and have used it many time. About 2 months ago I step son was preparing for college and trying to work some extra summer gigs for college money, and on two occasions, my ability to take credit cards landed him a job cleaning up and painting. I had never thought about using credit cards to improve ones ability to land handyman jobs but, it worked great!


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