How to Raise Entrepreneurs

How to Raise Entrepreneurs

In today’s society, parents are pushing their children to be doctors or lawyers. Not that being a doctor or lawyer is wrong, but in reality, not all children are doctor- or lawyer-materials. Some kids are very well be entrepreneur-materials.

Unfortunately, “thanks” to the highly acclaimed people who are working as doctors, lawyers or those working on large corporations, parents are panicking; instead of showing the best route for their children, they often push them to fit into a system; a corporation system. A system taught in schools and colleges. Even in an MBA program, you are not encouraged to be an entrepreneur; you are encouraged to acquire and hone skills that would be suitable for the professional world.

This is, as Tim Ferris says, a life deferred plan, especially to those who are entrepreneurial at heart.

Here’s the reality: Entrepreneurs move the world. Just think about it: If everybody is professional, then who will start a company that will hire a professional? Entrepreneurs start companies; entrepreneurs create jobs; entrepreneurs turn the wheels of the economy.

Here’s an expert view on the issue: Cameron Herold shares his thoughts on kidpreneurship on a TEDx event at Edmonton. Listen to what he is going to tell you about raising kids to become entrepreneurs:

Don’t you think that today is the best time to raise new entrepreneurs who will change the world in the future for the better? Please share your opinion…

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2 thoughts on “How to Raise Entrepreneurs

  • Hi

    That’s a great video and I do agree with you.

    About 20 years ago when my kids were about 10 we were chatting to our bank manager about what was the best profession for our future adults and the bank manager said he would recommend his own children to become self-employed in a trade. At the time we were a little shocked – despite our own self-employed status and family history, and we edged both boys down the conventional university route.

    Fast forward to today when they’re in their 30s and they both turned into entrepreneurs and with my complete blessing. They tried the conventional route and hated it. Both are much happier for their self-employed status. As indeed am I!

    My earliest business venture was selling postcards of celebrities to the other kids at school 🙂


    • Joy,

      A great story – thanks for sharing! It was quite challenging to set in my mind that we should take different route. I am encouraging my kids to be entrepreneurs, but I’m still not sure whether they will follow my path or take the ‘typical’ route of ‘going to college and get a job.’ What I really hope that they will reap what I sow someday in the future when the time comes – as an entrepreneur, of course!


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