Success Story: Muhammad Haris Makes $4 Million Selling One WordPress Theme

Success Story: Muhammad Haris Makes $4 Million Selling One WordPress Theme

Meet Muhammad Haris, the Co-founder of ThemeFusion. He’s from Lahore, Pakistan. He recently built a house for his whole family – thanks to his stellar product.

Partnering with Luke Beck from the US, he develops theme/template for WordPress and sell it on the largest WordPress themes marketplace in the world, the Australia-based ThemeForest.

He seems like a good guy next door, with a laptop. But what you and I might didn’t know is that his company is one of ThemeForest’s Power Elite authors – an elite group of web designer/developer consisting of those who have made more than $1 million in sales.

To date, ThemeFusion has made more than 83,000 copies of their WordPress theme. At $58/copy – minus commission to Envato, the parent company of ThemeForest – ThemeFusion has made roughly $4 million in sales in 2 years (the theme was listed on August 2012,) with minimal operational expenses.

Please note the singular form I use here, because it’s a fact: ThemeFusion doesn’t have dozens of WordPress themes. They have ONE WordPress theme – Avada – that is very powerful and highly customizable. What they do is to perfect the theme in regular basis to meet the latest trends and requirements, and take care of their customers well.

This is his story:

A truly inspirational story.

Indeed, there are plenty of opportunities out there. What you just need to do is to find an opportunity, capitalize on it, partner with the right person, and always give the best for your customers.

How about you? What’s your takeaway from Muhammad Haris’ success story?

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