Selling IS Evil! Use the “Buddhist Method” of Telling to Increase Sales

Selling IS Evil! Use the “Buddhist Method” of Telling to Increase Sales

In this video, the People Revolution and BoldRocket tech-startup founder, Andrew Tarver details the difference between an evil vacuum salesperson trying to make a buck anyway they can, and someone who truly believes in the product or service they’re pitching:

I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions on Tarver’s “Buddhist Approach” to selling.

This is a complete contradiction to the age-old Selling Ain’t Telling, and “ABC” Always Be Closing approach to making the sale.

Do you think Tarver’s Buddhist mindset — telling instead of selling — is the future of sales?

Maybe we’re all immune to being told what to do, and the informative humble approach is just what’s needed to make more sales in our grossly over-marketed-to society?

I’m not convinced, but I’d love to hear input from others on this. The Buddhist approach definitely makes sense for startups pitching angel investors and venture capitalists — not sure how it would work on the general public as a whole.

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