Mark my Word: OpenFarm SHALL be the Ultimate Destination for Farming and Gardening

Mark my Word: OpenFarm SHALL be the Ultimate Destination for Farming and Gardening

Guys, let me share with you a game changer; a life hacker; a farm- and garden-changer, if you will. I predict that OpenFarm will be the number one destination for any information on farming and gardening. How so?

I am a website builder and owner, and I know what makes a website cool or not. OpenFarm is super cool because it address the problem with farming/gardening and the Internet as a whole. Online, we often encounter worthless information about something that doesn’t add much value and doesn’t really give something we are looking for. This is a problem in every niche. OpenFarm tries to change that, in this case on the farming and gardening niche.

What is OpenFarm, anyway?

Let’s just say that OpenFarm is the Wikipedia for farming and gardening. What’s so special about OpenFarm is that it’s literally like an online guide: Comprehensive and detailed. Just like Wikipedia, OpenFarm’s content is submitted by farming and gardening enthusiasts, including experts. The content is then perfected by the community by adding new details and removing questionable details.

However, to turn OpenFarm into reality, it needs your support. For startup capital, it is raising funds via Kickstarter.

Check out the pitch video:

I am very impressed in the potential of this volunteer-based startup. You can get more information from OpenFarm’s Kickstarter page:

What do you think? Will it be huge?

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