21 Tips That’ll Help Attract More Cashflow Into Your Life

21 Tips That’ll Help Attract More Cashflow Into Your Life

Write these down as you go through the video and put a check beside each wealth-curbing bad habit you’re currently guilty of.

These tips are simple, yet profound:

Oh gosh, I’m so guilty of many of these…

#3 Delay gratification: I honestly want to provide some examples that many of you can relate to, but I just don’t know where to start with this one.

#4 Opportunity doesn’t fall into your lap: We all know this, but I’ve talked to many people throughout my life who just don’t understand this. I actually spent my twenties on this ride; expecting something to fall in my lap. Don’t get me wrong, I did seek out opportunity, but still always had that monkey on my back — thinking something incredible or magical would just somehow happen for me one day (I blame this on watching too many 80’s movies as a kid.)

#12 Your thoughts are very POWERFUL: This is a very transformative realization if you can master your own thoughts. I would say, thankfully, that listening to mentors like Tony Robbins have helped me curb this habit.

How many of these bad habits are you guilty of?





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