Here is How Air New Zealand Rocks Social Media. Watch and Learn.

Here is How Air New Zealand Rocks Social Media. Watch and Learn.

Air New Zealand is New Zealand’s most popular brand in social media. With millions of social media followers across popular social media networks – and more than 40 millions of YouTube views, it’s always intriguing us to ask this simple question: How did they do it?

Before I answer the question, here’s a wrap up video to give you a hint or two:

Here are some reasons why Air New Zealand is a cool brand:

  1. They produce some of the best in-flight safety videos in the world
  2. They partner with popular public figures, sport teams and events/shows for co-branding purposes (e.g. the New Zealand’s infamous All Blacks rugby team…)
  3. Not only broadcasting what they are doing on social media, they really engage their social media audience (e.g. The Air NZ Fairy, the talk on events)
  4. They are controversial: The swimsuit models, the body painting, the fancy airplane design,…
  5. Have I mentioned the videos?

The sexy…

The old school…

The quirky…

The simply cool new airplane introduction, the 787-9 Dreamliner…

Wow. ‘Nuff said. What do you think?

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