“The Wealthiest Place on the Planet is the Graveyard”

“The Wealthiest Place on the Planet is the Graveyard”

Some inspiration to help all of you get through the day and get motivated at the promise tomorrow can offer:

There are several great quotes in the video. These two from Eric Thomas touched home for me today:

“There will never be a point in your life where it’s the right time to do a great thing… you have to create the perfect time and the perfect opportunity, and the perfect situation.” 

“There are things that you think you’ll never need to know, that you may only need to know one time in your life, but that could save your life if you had that knowledge.”

As today creeps into tomorrow and you find yourself getting ready to begin another uninspired day, at a job that doesn’t fulfill you, remember what Les Brown said in the video:

“It’s easy to be on the bottom; it takes no effort to be a loser… you have to harness your will to say ‘I’m going to challenge myself'”

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