Skipping “Preroll” Commercials on YouTube Can Have Dire Consequences!

Skipping “Preroll” Commercials on YouTube Can Have Dire Consequences!

This video may just make you think twice before clicking “Skip Ad>>” to get past the Preroll commercials at the start of a YouTube vid:

Everyone hits the skip ad button, right? Whether you’re Joe Consumer, or an entrepreneur, manager, advertiser, etc. We’re all primed to hit that button the minute the 5-second countdown is finished.

While the message is delivered in a rather humorous way, I wonder what the future holds for these ads. From what I’ve managed to learn about YouTube’s billing process, they don’t charge advertisers for ads that are skipped, but these professional ads must cost a fortune to make.

If 94% or more of these ads are skipped, how much conceivable revenue’s being generated by these annoying ads?

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