How NOT to Treat Your Customers!

How NOT to Treat Your Customers!

We’ve all been there. Treated poorly by big corporate monopolies who’ve forgot how to say YES when you make a very simple request.

This video is a great example of how big business treats its customers. If you’re looking to turn up the service level of your company, please don’t treat your customers like this!


I’ve sure dealt with service agents who were definitely more rude, at least regarding the language they may have used.


I wonder if Comcast encourages their employees to be so persistent? (In this case, probably not — however, I know these “retention agents” get paid bonuses by stopping customers from cancelling their services.)

If you want to improve your service levels and make your customers happy — start saying YES!

YES Sir/Madame, I’ll do _____  for you, and I’ll get it done pronto!

Even if they want to cancel their services with you.

The lack of “YES” language is one of the major flaws that exists today in North American business.

By the way: how about the patience level the customer was exhibiting during the call?

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