Seth Godin Explains How Google Destroyed Industrialism

Seth Godin Explains How Google Destroyed Industrialism

This video features Seth Godin doing what he does best — pontificating on the current and future state of the economy and telling entrepreneurial minds how to adapt and innovate to achieve success:


Right around the 5-minute mark Godin states that factories have basically been scaled down to laptops. He’s using the “factory” label rather broadly, stating that any company which once required lots of little worker bees to make the business run, now no longer have that need because of technology and the big Google search engine.

I was shocked years ago when major pizza franchises like Pizza Pizza and Papa John’s started to outsource their phone calls from onsite to overseas. Just didn’t seem like a great move from a customer service standpoint.

However, I had no idea that McDonalds has started to outsource their drive-thru orders! Call me ignorant on that one. A quick “Google” search revealed this has been going on for years.

What do you think: is the “factory” model of business done for? If so, where can you realistically see us in 10, 20, 50 years time?

With the rise of Google and the Internet-based business model, perhaps true Capitalism will be the only way that babies being born today can make a living in the future?



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