How to Procrastinate and Boost your Productivity

How to Procrastinate and Boost your Productivity

Want to be more productive? Procrastinate at the right time, and focus your effort on it.

Dhani Jones, a former NFL star who is now an entrepreneur, offers you one, unique productivity tip which I myself adopt it for years: Focus on your distractions and let yourself get distracted for a certain period of time.

You see, it’s okay to procrastinate. What’s important is that you procrastinate at the right time and as make sure that you are distracted properly. When you are done, focus on work and don’t let yourself get distracted.

It’s better for you to procrastinate, say, for an hour, and work productively for the rest 7 hours for the day, than trying hard to stay focused for the whole 8-hour work day which can be stressful and actually damaging your productivity.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to procrastinate and actually make time for it during the day?

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