How Playing Minecraft Can Take you to Hollywood and Collaborate with Jack Black

How Playing Minecraft Can Take you to Hollywood and Collaborate with Jack Black

We have done a post on Mr. Stampy Cat – about the success of a Minecraft Youtuber whose YouTube channel is getting millions of views. Let’s just say that this post is a follow-up post, as we’ll watch an interview of two friends who happen to be having the same hobby-slash-job of playing Minecraft and sharing their Minecraft activities to Minecraft fans.

The Good Morning Britain interview features Stampy and Squid, who manage two of the most popular game channels on YouTube.

Both represent 1.5 billion YouTube hits. Wow.

Just in case you have no idea what Minecraft is, it’s a sandbox game that allows you to build virtually anything using building blocks. There is no story or mission to follow: You create your own story, and the only limit is your creativity.

The interview is pretty interesting as you can take a deeper look at how they started and what makes them so popular among kids – and celebs, too (Joseph Garrett a.k.a. Mr. Stampy Cat will collaborate with Jack Black.)

Stampy’s career is taking off – he’s moving to Los Angeles, USA and will do a show with Jack Black and launch entertainment/educational projects.

So yes, playing a game, record it and do commentaries on it can take you to Hollywood. A wonderful success story of a Youtuber, indeed.

What do you think of Stampy, Squid and Minecraft?

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