Meet Michael Jordan, Billionaire

Meet Michael Jordan, Billionaire

Michael Jordan is a legend in many ways. I have never known any other athletes who are as influential as Michael Jordan, on and off the court. Even years after his retirement, his name remains as one of the household names in everything-sport, including sports apparel Nike, sports drink Gatorade and so on.

Not only in sports, Michael Jordan is an avid business owner and investor. He has his own restaurant, and he is the owner of an NBA team, Charlotte Hornets.

Recently, Jordan made headlines on Forbes as he is (finally) crowned as the first US pro athlete who becomes a billionaire. It’s about time!

Have you ever wondered how MJ becomes one of the wealthiest men in the world? Let Forbes crunches the numbers for you:

Well, next year MJ’s net worth will reach $1.2 billion. Whoa.

So, are you dreaming of becoming a billionaire? Here’s one lesson from MJ: OWN the game.

MJ dominates the NBA as a player; MJ dominates the U.S. basketball shoes market share; MJ owns an NBA team. Literally, Mr. Jordan OWNS basketball.

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