Use PUA (Pickup Artist) Techniques to Pitch Your Next Deal!

Use PUA (Pickup Artist) Techniques to Pitch Your Next Deal!

Oren Klaff has made over $400 million dollars through his career and authored a best selling book “Pitch Anything” that teaches people how to pitch ideas to anyone and be successful at it.

In this video, he describes how he would pitch a deal to anyone, regardless of their status:



The three sources of status are (which most of us don’t have going into any meeting):

  1. Wealth
  2. Power
  3. Celebrity

Outline of Oren’s pitching technique — start to finish:

  • Set a time constraint immediately.
  • Articulate that you have an agenda and that you understand the buyer’s mindset.

(The above lets them know you’re a professional; not there to waste their time, and that you understand their (the buyer’s) mindset.)

  • Ensure you’ve prepared your pitch in advance. Telling a story, eye-to-eye: communicating in a narrative-style, conversational format. No slides, or bullet-point-type presentations.

What do you think? Easier said than done?

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