How Sara Blakely Turns $5,000 into $1 billion

How Sara Blakely Turns $5,000 into $1 billion

Sara Blakely is the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. She is the founder of Spanx – THAT brand which represents the popular body shapers, apparel, bras, tights, and so on.

Ms. Blakely started out at the age of 29 with $5,000 from her savings. At the age of 41, she has turned the 5 grand into a billion dollar, earning her a spot at Forbes’ list of world’s billionaire.

So, what in the world is she doing to create such extraordinary net worth?

Well, do you want to have a shot at a billion dollar? Here are some tips from Sara Blakely:

1. Inspire others with your product.

Spanx greatly impact women’s life, giving them a way with fashion (“no panty line!”) and help them to feel more confident with themselves.

2. You need to have mentors.

Sara’s three most influential mentors are Wayne Dyer, a self-help and motivational expert, Oprah Winfrey (everybody knows who Oprah is), and Richard Branson (the Virgin guy.)

3. Paying it forward.

Spanx has a program which features female entrepreneurs and their products in Spanx’ highly circulated catalogues.

4. Have EPIC vision.

Sara wants to take Spanx worldwide and will “let no butt behind.” Spanx will continue to innovate, and it has also reached out to men’s market with their line of products for men.

Lessons well-learned.

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