Are You Making Legit Money But Feeling Guilty About It?

Are You Making Legit Money But Feeling Guilty About It?

“Well, that’s stupid,” you might say. But hold on. Before you judge someone about something you don’t understand, read on.

You see, have you ever heard that capitalists are those greedy people who don’t think any other things than making money off others’ misery?

We are living in a world where saying, “Where is the money I entitled to” will get you a lot of supporters, whereas saying, “I am wealthy today because I work harder and smarter than anybody else” will get you “Boo!”

That’s why people hate Richard Branson. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.

Well, here’s the cold, hard truth. Not all capitalists are bad people. In fact, many of them are changing the world for the better.

Unfortunately, the negative sentiment toward those who enjoy making money doing what they love has made honest, hard working business people feel guilty about what they are doing.

They feel that they trick people into buying because they don’t think their products/services are good enough and worth the money. This lack of self-confidence is the by-product of the notion that those who make money off others are uncool, greedy people.

Here’s one example that illustrates this well, from MarieForleo TV:

Well, you see, business is about “making money off others” – otherwise, yours will be called a charity, not a business.

There is a huge different between making money off others selling [email protected] and making money off others selling high-quality products/services. The former will give you the title “successful scammer” and the latter will give you the title “successful entrepreneur.”

So, stop feeling crappy about what you are doing (unless you are in business to scam people, that is!) and start feeling proud of what you are doing because you add value to the world with your products/services.

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