10 Reasons We Avoid Delegating (and How to Start Doing it) – I am SO Number 2 and 4

10 Reasons We Avoid Delegating (and How to Start Doing it) – I am SO Number 2 and 4

This video slaps me across my face. Quite hard this time.

Chalene Johnson, the physical fitness gal, a talented choreographer, and a successful entrepreneur, has so much in her hands, running her success coaching business, as well as her fitness business. But still, she was reluctant to delegate some of the work she has.

A fish in an aquarium has taught her a valuable lesson: She realized that she needed to start delegating. Once she finally learn to do it well, the results are stunning.

In this video, Chalene shares her tips on why she let others to do the work for her, and why you should do it, too. Watch this video:

I am SO number 2 and number 4.

I build my business ground up, and I have my big ego to say that no one can do this as well as me. I learned that this is a lie I keep telling myself over and over again.

#4 is my worst. My ego tells me that I know better than anyone else. Well, sure, I have the know-how, but when I teach someone to do something, chances are, he/she can do it better than you. I decided to let some control go and delegate. So far, the results are awesome.

The same thing goes with #2 – I thought that I was saving money by doing all these things myself. But you know what? By doing everything myself, I lose many opportunities simply because I am busy running my business, but neglect the fact that I need to leverage my business growth so I can do it faster.

And yes, losing opportunities equals losing money.

So, there you go. Ms. Johnson has shown you the road map. Now let’s get going and start delegating – it can only do good for your business.

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