Wondering How Your Day Will Go? You’ll Know (and can still change it) in the First Hour!

Wondering How Your Day Will Go? You’ll Know (and can still change it) in the First Hour!

In the last 5 months, I’ve been on a mission to nail down a good morning routine, in an effort to start each day on the right (positive and empowering) note.

Brian Tracy’s been around since before motivational speaking was even considered a career (Dear Brain: I’m not calling you old, you’re a true trail-blazer and inspiration!)

This video is quick and details a few easy-to-implement and effective habits we can all use to start the day out right:



As a freelancer, I’ve made all the mistakes:

  • Jumping out of bed and checking emails from clients (this is rarely uplifting and can get your blood pressure surging and create a sense of urgency that the body isn’t ready for so early on.)
  • Getting up and watching television (yet another productivity-killing ritual that leads to less, or nothing getting done.)
  • Drinking 5 espressos and washing them back with a cafe latte (do I have to point out what’s wrong with this habit?)
  • Getting up and eating a big meal (yeah, everyone says it’s the most important meal, but I prefer a protein shake over foods that are hard for the body to digest, which I find creates a fog in my head that makes thinking near impossible for hours or even the entire day.)
  • Negative thinking before even getting out of bed (like asking “why does life suck so much”, or thinking about how someone ticked me off the day before, or worse: sometime in the past — UGH, those memories that just pop into your head out of nowhere, for no good reason…)

Now, I wake up and read. Not for work, not even for learning. I read fiction for about 60 minutes, then I write for myself too — fiction.

Then 30-minutes of CrossFit and a shower (in that exact order!)

Then after my “me time” is done and I’m thoroughly relaxed. body primed, and after 1 single coffee: I get to work writing to pay the bills!

What’s your routine like?



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