Free Up More Time With These Essential Small Business Productivity Apps!

Free Up More Time With These Essential Small Business Productivity Apps!

This recent video from offers dozens of great tools to boost productivity, including: social, task management, accounting, and website optimization.



I liked the social app that Brian Honigman mentioned:

Maybe I’m behind the times in not hearing about this app already (and who isn’t with new releases coming out every single day), but this one seems like a pretty efficient way to streamline your social sharing efforts. I like the idea of having a little “electronic worker” collecting the things I want to share behind the scenes, then mass-mailing my network with easy, one-click share requests. This seems much more efficient than having to track everything yourself, or hammering your people with a dozen “like”, “retweet”, “repin”, etc. requests throughout the day!

Please leave a comment if you know of something better, similar and free, or both.

Those of you who need help optimizing your sites for conversions will note Brent Reinhard from Ink talking about Optimizely which is a really cool app used to maximize conversions for your products or affiliate campaigns. Great tool for A/B split-testing different on-page elements to find what catches the most visitor’s attention.

There’s plenty more, but the two mentioned were most interesting to me personally.

At the end, Reinhard gives some great fraud protection tips too.

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