Amazon Fire Smartphone Release Date Finally Confirmed!

Amazon Fire Smartphone Release Date Finally Confirmed!

I know a lot of you are Android fans just like me. The Amazon Fire smartphone looks really amazing starting (possibly) at just $199. Most of the pre-release reviews are a little sketchy as to the actual price, which some are saying may be over $600 to buy outright. Still, I’m almost questioning my latest phone purchase: the HTC One X, which cost $300 to purchase without contract.



The very average Snapdragon 800 processor doesn’t impress me all that much. Though it’s not really a disappointment either; a quad-core is just fine for pretty much any user, right?

It’s those 4 front-facing cameras that provide feedback to the “Dynamic perspective feature! If you watched the video all the way through, you got to see it in action, allowing features like auto-scroll and switching between programs just by tilting the screen.

One thing that scares me though is the Mayday customer service feature. Not sure I want “Big Brother” Amazon to be able to control my phone remotely…

Is this thing over-hyped or is the Amazon Fire going to be a game-changer in the smartphone market?

Please share your thoughts.


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