Career Motivation: “Drown” Yourself to Achieve Success!!!

Career Motivation: “Drown” Yourself to Achieve Success!!!

If you’ve never watched Eric Thomas before, you’ll be really glad you stopped in today.

Even if you are familiar with the “Hip Hop Preacher” and his viral videos, I’ve also linked to a newer vid that you mightn’t have checked out yet.

Here’s the original classic viral vid from a few years  back (I have this in my favorites and try to watch it a few times a year):

Here’s a new vid from late last year:

Some cool excerpts from the two vids:

  • You need to want to succeed like you want to breathe!
  • Average people are average because they focus on the little things instead of the big picture.
  • You need to know “why” you’re going to be successful; not just that you want it!
  • Don’t cry to quit, cry to keep going!
  • Give up your cellphone and you’ll be successful! (so true for many of us)

He also reiterates what a lot of successful people always say, about financial success coming to people who don’t care if they get paid or not.

I’m not sure I agree…

Money has to motivate us doesn’t it?

Please share your thoughts/experience in the comment section.

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