One Moment that Started Steven Spielberg’s Inspirational Filmmaking Career

One Moment that Started Steven Spielberg’s Inspirational Filmmaking Career

When Steven Spielberg was a little kid, he was promised by his father to watch a circus. But as he arrived with his father, he realized that it’s not a circus; it’s a movie about a circus.

It was the first movie Mr. Spielberg has ever watched. Since then, he fell in love with cinema.

The interesting story is that the movie features a scene where a train collide with a car – something that Mr. Spielberg described as the realest disaster scene at that time. He then asked his father to buy him toy trains – and recreated the scene himself.

The self-apprenticeship begins, and the rest is history. Here’s the story being told by the master himself in a speech:

An inspiring story.

Lessons learned: Listen to the tiny voice you heard from your heart, and respond to it – you will know that success is not about doing something extravagant or something that is popular; success is about listening to your heart and make sure you make the right decision without any regret. You might be in it for a lifetime – no turning back.

Here’s another one: When you have kids, make sure you full-support their passion and creativity because, eventually, your support will make them successful in life.

Any other lessons you learn from Mr. Spielberg’s speech? Please share!

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