4 Easy Steps for Designing an Awesome Home Office. Gotta Do Step 3.

4 Easy Steps for Designing an Awesome Home Office. Gotta Do Step 3.

Working at home, I know very well that my workplace layout needs to be awesome. Why? It’s simple: My creativity and productivity depend on it.

Ugly workspace makes me uninspired, and – guess what – stressed out. I once worked on the office layout I didn’t like. I end up struggling with my productivity. I’m also too stressed out to work, in such a way that I feel the need to work outside my home.

I though that I’m just got bored living and working on the same roof. I realized that’s not the case; the thing is, my workspace layout sucks.

So, I changed my layout: I dump that conservative looking desk, and I install a minimalistic-looking work desk, complete with both fake and real plants for the eyes.

I also have this nifty wooden table – with DIY heat sink for my laptop and a mouse-pad-smartphone-holder combo I created from Duplo that was mentioned on HereOnBiz. I put the table on top of my desk, so I can work standing up for better posture and more health benefits

I’m happy to report that I enjoy working at home more than ever, and as I enjoy it, I’m becoming more creative, healthy and productive (and get more income – yay!)

If you are looking for some ideas on how to design your home office, this explainer video serves its purpose very well; the video offers you 4 easy steps to create a better workspace for your home office – check it out:

Well, I must say that step 3 – investing in a better chair – never crossed my mind. I gotta consider to buy an ergonomic chair.

Awesome tips! What do you think?

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